Korean Marriage Traditions and Incorporating Them Into Your Wedding

    Korean Marriage Traditions and Incorporating Them Into Your Wedding The whole process of marriage is an important part of every culture of the world. In some cultures marriage is a sacred act while in others it is not a very important activity. However, each culture has different customs and established practices related to marriage and

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    Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots – Why Korea?

    Korean marriages are fundamentally different from marriages in most other cultures, such as Western or Arab culture. Most rituals in Korean marriages are based on region’s traditions while some aspects of modern western marriages can also be observed. You may be in another part of the world or in another neighboring country but you can

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    Semi-Permanent Makeup for Your Wedding Photos

    The trend of semi-permanent makeup has become very popular in the recent times. Korean 3D semi-permanent makeup and eyebrow embroidery can save women from continuous worry about their makeup and at the same time it helps to radically improve one’s beauty. It is also recommended for females who may have bald eyebrow spots. Along with

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    The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup

    Primary duty of women in the old times was to take care of household activities. They would have enough time to have makeup for occasional parties and gatherings. But modern world is a very busy place and women work alongside with men in this world. For most office and field jobs, there is difference between

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    Wedding rings trends in 2015

    Proposing someone is getting more demanding each day. We feel that it is because of the changing trends in which the girl wants to be proposed. Rings play a very important role in proposing someone for marriage. Each day a different design of the ring is launched. We take a look out for the prevailing

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    Wedding trends in 2015

    Each year, we see weddings getting more fashionable and full of glamour. There is a different icing each time on every wedding cake. And why should not it be like that? It is your big day and you only marry once. So why not make it more special and memorable for the bride and groom?

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    How Wish & Co package works

    If you want to make your big day memorable, hire us. We at Wish & Co are Korea’s leading wedding photography company. We know how to make your big day special. We capture every special moment of your wedding and let you create your own love story in a beautiful yet unforgettable way. We have

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    Korean celebrities’ trendy wedding photoshoots

    Wedding is the most memorable time for many people. We want to make it even more special for you. Hire us to experience the taste of the most exquisite wedding. We have customers from all over the world who come all the way to Korea to get their pre wedding photoshoot done from us. Our

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    Semi permanent make up

    Wish & Co have been one step ahead for all its competitors with wedding photography in Korea. We have proved ourselves to be the best among the lot. We know how to make our customers happy and satisfied. That is the sole reason that our customers never mind to travel all the way to Korea

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    People flying to South Korea for their pre wedding photoshoot

    Love is in the air. Wedding plans are being made. Excitement exudes and now you are making plans, trying to decide on where you should have your pre-wedding photoshoot. Yes, we know there are so many options but we also know a place that stands far above the rest. South Korea has gained tremendous popularity

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