The semi-permanent training program is equipped with various courses that guide you on how to perform the various procedures that are trending in the makeup market. There is a vast of knowledge to learn from if you want to pursue a career in plastic surgery and makeup. Alongside being a technician in the field you can also have general knowledge of procedures such as eyebrow embroidery which you can give as a service provided that you have the necessary licenses to practice.

Most of our courses are theory-based where we impact knowledge through various methods mainly lecture-based teaching. Here you can learn about the basic structure of the procedures, a little bit of history about the evolution of beauty procedures and the influence technology has in perfecting these procedures to provide safe and perfect results. Most of the theory also involves understanding how surgical procedures work biologically and how the procedure alters and improves beauty and quality.

This training is a simple and educational venture that has many of its benefits aside from a huge paycheck. It offers one an insight to the beauty industry where aside from artificial cosmetics, semi-permanent makeup naturally influences the natural process of pigmentation and hair growth.

Other procedures make use of practical studies where you apply the skills that you have learnt and apply them to a client. Most of them are basic makeup tips such as applying mascara or trimming eyelashes and shaving eyebrows.

With technology at the center of the beauty industry, it is important to always be aware of the technology that is being introduced to better perfect the results of our procedures. A new wave of technological advances hit us on a daily basis and helps our workforce to be better equipped in performing their responsibilities.

The eyelash extensions training seoul cover a variety of beauty procedures that are found in most beauty parlor and more advanced courses which aid you with the skills of performing more complex procedure that require ability and experience.

The entry requirements are fairly attainable and it is a good career for you that allows you to utilize your creativity and intuitiveness when working. It is also allows you to travel to meet your clients and exchange ideas on improving the craft. We offer this and many other studies that are related to the beauty industry to choose from. Visit our offices and access all the information you need through this website.

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