Korean celebrities’ trendy wedding photoshoots

    Wedding is the most memorable time for many people. We want to make it even more special for you. Hire us to experience the taste of the most exquisite wedding. We have customers from all over the world who come all the way to Korea to get their pre wedding photoshoot done from us. Our

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    Semi permanent make up

    Wish & Co have been one step ahead for all its competitors with wedding photography in Korea. We have proved ourselves to be the best among the lot. We know how to make our customers happy and satisfied. That is the sole reason that our customers never mind to travel all the way to Korea

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    People flying to South Korea for their pre wedding photoshoot

    Love is in the air. Wedding plans are being made. Excitement exudes and now you are making plans, trying to decide on where you should have your pre-wedding photoshoot. Yes, we know there are so many options but we also know a place that stands far above the rest. South Korea has gained tremendous popularity

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    Rosa Sposa wedding dresses

    Nothing will make your Korean Wedding Package sparkle like a Rosa Sposa wedding dress! For the bride, these dresses are a dream come true fairy tale, first introduced in 1998. These Rosa Sposa dresses are simple, yet glamorous, elegant and romantic with a splash of class. Each one is unique and has tremendous, delicate detailing

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    About Wish & Co.

    If you are searching for the best place for a wedding photoshoot in Korea, then you are in the right spot! We opened up our services to couples from over 20 different countries to come and experience exceptional service and stunning photography. With the growing popularity of pre-wedding photography in Korea, we thought it would

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