Eyelash Extension & Self-Growth Procedure

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  • June 16, 2016

Korean Eyelash Extension

Lee Na Young’s eyelash extensions are performed by individually attaching the synthetic silk strands of hair with a special bonding agent. The extensions are done approximately 1 mm away from the skin so it doesn’t contact with skin.

We provide a detailed and personal consultation to decide customized what kind of lashes to be used for the service. We will propose the type of lashes that are suitable the best for you and your lifestyle.

Treatment time 1 hour
eyelash extensionbefore2
eyelash extensionafter2
eyelash extensionbefore3
eyelash extensionafter3
eyelash extensionbefore4
eyelash extensionafter4

Korean Eyelash Self-growth Procedure

Lee Na Young’s eyelash self-growth procedure is to make your own eyelashes to grow by themselves naturally. You will naturally grow more and longer eyelashes after getting the eyelash self-growth treatment. The reason why our own eyelashes are not full and long enough is because only about 20 percent of pores where eyelashes grow are open for growth. So, this special eyelash self-growth procedure is to open up more pores so we have our own ability to grow more and longer eyelashes to the maximum within 3 months.

The treatment is very similar to the semi-permanent eyeliner treatment where the digital micropigmentation needle is applied on to the eyeline to open up more pores.

We provide a detailed and personal consultation to provide all the necessary details regarding the treatment. The result is truly amazing and we promise you will love your new but your own lashes!

Treatment time 1 hour
Eyelash self-growth before1
Eyelash self-growth after1
Eyelash self-growth before 2
Eyelash self-growth after2
Eyelash self-growth before3
Eyelash self-growth after3
Eyelash self-growth before4
Eyelash self-growth after4

Korean Eyelash Extension and Self-growth Procedure Training Program

  • Thorough practice-oriented customized educational system
  • Chance to experience education 1 time before registering for courses
  • Offering of educational machines
  • Obtainment of certification diploma


Day Hour Contents
Day 1 4 hours Extension Theory 1)  Materials and Its Names
2) Types of Fake Eyelashes
3) Variety of Designs
4) Safety Cautions
5) Removal Method
Practice 1)  Paper Cup Practice + Rubber Pad Practice
3 Hours Self-growth Procedure Theory 1)  Necessity of Eyelash Growth Procedure
2) Before & After
3) Effects of Eyelash Growth Procedure
Practice 1) Instruction for Machines and Rubber Pad Practice
Day 2 4 Hour Extension Hand On Pratice and Demonstration Hands-on practice & Technique Demonstration
3 Hour Self-growth Procedure Hand On Practice and Demonstration Hands-on practice & Technique Demonstration

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