I have been looking to improve my skills in beauty treatments and further advance my career in the beauty industry by learning various emerging procedures that utilize advanced technology and cosmetics. This was about three years ago where I only specialized in basic styling and make up procedures but I needed to broaden my skills to more clients who had varied requirements.

So when I applied to the semi-permanent training program in Seoul, I did not know what to expect or whether the procedures that I would be taught to have an additional significance to my career. First of all, I learned that the training program is short taking on a maximum two weeks but the content that is covered during the two weeks is extensive so you have to wonder how you can get training for all the semi-permanent procedures in such a short time. Well it all comes down to the teaching method and the technician assigned to the course.

Well, there is not much theoretical content most of which can be covered in about two days. Then the practical part of the teaching takes the remainder of the course where you learn as you see it. This is to say that you get to see a technician performing the various procedures on a real paying client and then when it is your turn you will be walked through the procedure by the technician while you also perform it on a real client who in turn gets to give the feedback to you in real time. With this technique it is virtually impossible to make mistakes as they are no second attempts. This is not to say that there is no room for error but they can be no error since the walkthrough technique is very effective. Also the procedures when they are being performed by the technician are very straightforward and have simple steps that you can easily follow.

However, the semi-permanent training program requires that you keep on practicing and improving your skill as well as your creativity as these are the two things that are important when it comes to beauty procedures especially when you are assisted by technological equipment. After three years of performing the semi-permanent procedures on multiple clients I have become a pro and most of my clients will come for a second procedure if they are interested. Check out the training program today if you are interested.

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