For a big occasion that you are planning for yourself maybe it is your wedding day and you are looking for the best clinic to have an eyebrow embroidery Korea procedure, you can come to Wish&Co where you will be guaranteed of a safe procedure that improves your look all the while maintaining the natural look of your eyebrows just in time for your big day.

We expertly does its eyebrow embroidery Korea procedure through Lee Na Young Aesthetic Academy salon.They utilize an improved and technologically infused technique that uses colour pigments that is drawn naturally onto your eyebrow area with its sole purpose being to enhance your eyebrow features and at the same time maintaining their natural shape plus appearance. I know most of you are wondering why the choice of semi-permanent? Well, it is simply because it is the latest trend aboard and it gives room for flexibility; where you have the ability to change according to your wish. And also because the permanent trademark tends to change colour and leaving you with no room to change the shape. The treatment time takes roughly an hour with very minimal pain. We utilize new and improved aesthetic medicine to ail you through the procedure.

Eyebrow embroidery Korea begins with the colour pigments being drawn onto your skin, strand by strand using small strokes. The choice of pigmentation is one that appears to be same with your eyebrow colour so that the end result appears to be more natural and youthful. The process is not all painful but you will have to experience it a little bit as you are paying the beauty price. Just to note after the process there is a dead skin that has to peel off and you are expertly advised not to peel it off as it will destroy the general outlook of your eyebrows and even end up making your day looking gloomy, but with the various activities that occur before the big day it will be maximum distraction before your big day.

You are advised to visit a week before so that the six day healing period and process is maximized have just gone through the six day routine practices that should be emphasized for a perfect eyebrow shape. So while you are in Korea visit Wish & Co. and allow us be part of your big magical day’s success. You can book an appointment now before you big day. We are waiting.

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