Semi Permanent Make Up

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  • May 4, 2015

Korean 3D Semi-Permanent Makeup

Wish & Co. offers expertly done Korean 3D Semi-permanent Makeup through Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy, our affiliated semi-permanent makeup salon. This technique uses color pigments drawn naturally onto your skin, enhancing your features yet maintaining their natural shape and appearance.

Semi Permanent Make Up

Why Korean 3D Semi-permanent makeup?

This is the latest trend, which allows you the flexibility to make changes. You have the option of maintaining your current shape or completely reshaping your makeup. Permanent makeup or tattoos tend to fade in color to a dull blue or reddish shade and there is no way for you to change the shape.

Korean 3D Semi-Permanent eyebrows

This technique involves using color pigment drawn onto the skin, applied to appear as natural feathering of hair, strand-by-strand using small strokes. The pigments are chosen to blend with the same color of your eyebrows so that the result is natural and younger looking eyebrows and a more youthful overall appearance. Please look at our beautifully designed eyebrows below.

Treatment time 1 hour

Korea 3D Semi-Permanent Eye Lines

Enhancing the natural line of your eyes will make your eyes appear larger and more attractive. Colored dye is carefully applied onto your upper and lower lash lines to make your eyes appear refreshed and as if you are wearing eyeliner all the time. Please see the photos below of our exquisitely done eye-lines.

Treatment time 1 hour

Korean 3D Semi-Permanent lips

This will create for you a more attractive shape for your lips. Each client receives customized service so that you can choose the lip color, design and shape that will most suit your face. If you have uneven lips, discolored, dark or pale lips, we can solve those problems and transform your lips so they look supple and irresistible

Treatment time 1 hour

Korean 3D Semi-Permanent frontal forehead hairline

This technique is highly specialized and for people with thin or sparse hair framing their face. If you want to enhance your facial features by having a natural looking feathering of hair applied in strokes, strand-by-strand along the hairline of your forehead, you can trust us to do a wonderful job. You will love your new look and have more confidence as a result. Please look at the photos of the beautiful foreheads below that we helped to create.

Treatment time 1 hour
hairline b&a1
hairline b&a2
hairline b&a3
hairline b&a4

Korean 3D Semi Permanent Makeup Courses


Do you want to develop the skills needed to build a successful career as a makeup artist in today’s highly competitive marketplace?

If so, then you are welcome to take advantage of Wish & Co.’s Korean 3D Semi-Permanent Makeup course. To set yourself apart and position yourself for success you need to have the skills to provide the services that high-end clients need and want.

In cooperation with the leading semi-permanent makeup shop in the area, Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy, we offer training by the most highly skilled specialists in micropigmentation, which is semi-permanent makeup. This technique involves skill and artistry. You will taught by the most elite in the field and provided with ongoing support as you develop your technique. Take advantage of our experience and vision and plan now for your future by enrolling in our course.

You will receive full Certification from Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy and Korean Medical Tourism Association when you complete the course.


Semi-Permanent Training Program

  • Thorough practice-oriented customized educational system
  • Chance to experience education 1 time before registering for courses
  • Offering of educational machines
  • Obtainment of certification diploma
Course 1 Course Day Hour Contents
7 hours per day28 hours in total 4 daysIntensive Training Day 1 Morning3 hours Basic theory Understanding of semi-permanent makeup 1) Basic theory and characteristics of semi-permanent makeup
Understanding of skin Skin structure 1) Semi-permanent makeup and its application on skin
Materials Roles of semi-permanent makeup tools 1) Kinds of needles and machines and their roles in Semi-permanentmakeup2) Kinds of pigments3) Names and roles of minor materials
Chromatics Understanding of colors andapplication of semi-permanentmakeup pigments 1) Basics of colors2) Color wheel of semi-permanent makeup pigments3) Characteristics and mix of 18 basic colors of semi-permanent makeup and mix of pigments for re-touch treatment for unwanted result)
Disinfection & hygiene control Disinfection and hygiene control of semi-permanent makeuptreatments 1) How to use machine, Hygiene control and disinfection before and after semi-permanent makeup
Treatment andProcessmanagement Semi-permanent treatment andits process management 1) Before and after treatment management2) After treatment customer service3) Checklist for semi-permanent makeup artist4) Treatment time and process
Q&A FAQ 1) Professional tips for the semi-permanent makeup artist
Morning3 hours Drawing Techniques of semi-permanentmakeup 1) Before and after semi-permanent makeup on each facial part2) Examples of failures of semi-permanent makeup3) Techniques of semi-permanent makeup
Drawing anddemonstration 1 Eyebrows 1) Professional tips for the semi-permanent makeup artist
Day 2 Morning3 hours Drawing anddemonstration 2 Eyebrows 1) Rubber plate eyebrows of 3 D embossing technique
Afternoon4 hours Drawing anddemonstration 3 Eyeline 1) Designing and drawing of eyelineRubber plate eyeline
Day 3 Morning3 hours Drawing anddemonstration 4 Lips 1) Designing and drawing of lipsRubber plate lips
Afternoon4 hours Model demonstration Modeling demonstration andobservation of actual techniques 1) Hairline, eyeline, eyebrow, lips
Day 4 Morning4 hours Model demonstration Modeling demonstration andobservation of actual techniques 1) Hairline, eyeline, eyebrow, lips
Afternoon4 hours Model Demonstration Modeling demonstration andobservation of actual techniques 1) Hairline, eyeline, eyebrow, lips

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